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Last week I was invited to give a talk at the first edition of the “Jornadas Tecnológicas Insert Coín” in Coín (Málaga, Spain) to the students of the high school I.E.S. Los Montecillos and other high schools of the area. The subject of the talk was cross-platform development with KDE and Qt. I think the talk was very well received and the students seemed to like it (at least, I think they did). I organized the talk in two sections, first some slides about Qt and KDE (mostly about KDE Frameworks), and then some “live” development to show how use Qt Creator to develop a small web browser with Qt in C++ and then how to use KDevelop to develop the same application in Python.

After the talk was ended, I told the audience I would put the source code on github so they can examine it with more time, modify it and use it to learn more about Qt. So I have just uploaded it to with the hope it’s useful to them, and also to others wanting to learn about Qt. In any case, please, read the README on that repository before cloning the sources in your computer.

Update: I uploaded the talk slides I used (in Spanish) in case they’re useful to anyone: insertcoin.odp

2 thoughts on “The Browser Tutorial

  1. Hi Antonio,

    Please could you share the slides too? I am very interested in KDE programming, python and QT.

    Kind Regards,

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